Chris helps sellers communicate with Amazon to protect (and save) their business.

  • He spent several years evaluating seller account performance for Amazon’s merchant assessment teams. Now he uses those skills to help merchants work with Amazon.

“Our account was suspended for photo violations on one of our least popular, and most hidden ASINs. Frustrating! We did countless hours of research, and wrote some very well thought out POA’s on our own. We submitted different POA’s 7 times, with the help of several internal amazon employees, and kept getting the same nightmarish, cookie cutter response from Amazon. We got the same response 7 times!!! After thinking we’d never get our account back online, we contacted Chris, he reached out to the right people, and on his first attempt our account was reinstated. Money very well spent! I don’t know which magic strings Chris pulls, but we literally tried everything on our own, and somehow he was able to get it first try. I hope to never need Chris again, but in the tragic event of another suspension, he will be the first guy I call.”

Author's imageJohn

“I contacted Chris when my Amazon account got suspended for a second time! Chris was very professional & responsive and kept me updated throughout. In my case he had to submit 2 separate POA’s until they were able to reinstate me. I was able to tell that a lot of thought & time went into the POA, they were very clear & detailed. I don’t think I could have done it without Chris! I Highly recommend!”

Author's imageShragiAmazon Seller

“Getting suspended when 85% of your income is from Amazon is one of the most sobering business related events that can happen to a person. I was doing my best trying to comply with all of Amazon’s guidelines when suddenly, without warning, I got that message that my selling privileges have been suspended. At that point, a decision was made to find someone who knows Jeff Bezos phone number and pay him 50k to get us back up in five minutes. However since that does not exist the next best option was Chris McCabe. We got an appointment right away and he got to work for us immediately. Knowing exactly what seller performance wanted to see in the POA he wrote it up and sent it to me for review. As soon as we decided on the correct version, it was submitted. In under 4 days we received notification congratulating us that our account had been reinstated. The truth is there are many options today to appeal reinstatement but going with Chris means you won’t waste any time on trial and error. And remember every day down cost most of us hundreds if not thousands of dollars in lost sales. Thanks Chris for being there for me.”

Author's imageJay W.Amazon Seller


Our Amazon account was suspended in part due to another seller sabotaging our account. Chris was instrumental in investigating the true cause of the suspension and navigating us through the channels of the suspension/appeal process. Not only was our account suspended, but we were ‘final worded’ by Amazon – a situation very hard to bounce back from. Chris was even able to overcome that and lead us to an eventual reinstatement. Chris was and continues to be essential to our business and livelihood.

” We all know how difficult it is to communicate with Amazon when your listings get blocked or your account gets suspended because of customer complaints or other.  Well, there is hope with Chris McCabe.   Let me start by saying that we were grateful to find Chris after 7 excruciating days of being suspended, along with several days of failed ‘Plan of Action’ attempts guided by a couple of so called  “Amazon suspension consultants” that we had previously hired.  BEWARE! The wrong person/company handling your Amazon suspension can do more damage than good.

Our lesson learned was to hire the right person from the start.  We highly recommend Chris to help prevent your account from getting suspended and to help get your account reinstated, if suspended.  He is the right person for the job.

Once we found Chris McCabe online (by chance at around midnight Googling for help with our matter), we knew he was going to be the right person for the job. Simply reading about his knowledge and inner works at Amazon, gave us hope that evening.  The next morning (on a Friday) we requested a 1 hour consultation with Chris. This sealed the deal and confirmed our confidence in him to guide us forward and get our Amazon account reinstated. We asked Chris if he could rush the job, as we needed help yesterday. Since it was a weekend, it was tough on Chris and us, but we worked closely with Chris over that weekend to get what he needed and answer any questions. He took his time, and was very professional throughout the whole process, timing and delivery.  He was always there to answer our questions and was very forthcoming with advice and knowledge that helped us through.

After what seemed an eternity previous to Chris, we were now feeling more and more confident. Come Monday we submitted Chris’s professional POA to Amazon and shortly after, we got our selling privileges reinstated.  We were very happy to say the least.  Chris’s methodical and detailed approach to helping us specifically address the problems with our account was paramount to drafting a proper POA and getting our account reinstated.
Chris will continue to be our go to man for consulting about Amazon policies, and to help with taking preventive measures to avoid suspension.  Thank You Chris. ”

Eddie & Nadya, Amazon Sellers


“Chris has been very helpful navigating Amazon’s processes. His communication skills, perseverance and attention to detail have generated results that have improved cash flow and streamlined operations. I’d highly recommend Chris.”

Author's imageRobert Wraye-commerce Automation Expert, CEO of Whitebox