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Protect Your Account

  • Avoid Merchant Account Suspension

    with a full account audit and actionable advice

    Act On Quality Complaints

    troubleshoot Amazon Product Quality Teams

  • Improve Seller Performance Metrics

    performance metric assessment and recommendations

    Avoid Hijacked Listings

    protect your Private Label from other sellers

  • Get the Seller Support You Need

    seller support case creation and follow up

    Handle Your Competitors

    protect your listings by verifying and reporting counterfeit sellers

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  • Get Your Account Back

    from blocked listings or suspension

    shopping cart

  • Appeal a suspension

    get your appeal done the right way

    Blocked Listings Reinstatement

    with a managed appeal

    Escalate a Denied Appeal

    with a custom Bezos escalation letter Contact Chris  

Optimize your seller account

  • Grow with category specific intelligence


    Learn how to win the buy box


    Fix FBA issues